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Present educational system and the modern scholars deny merciless the women’s roles in ancient world

On the occasion of international women’s day 2014 The institutes, museums and the generations of archaeologists, anthropologists, philosophers, etymologists, and historians have provided the world with wrong information in their reports on the culture, history of early ‎human civilizations and the root of the bible. For centuries, in their reports, they have tended to ignore […]

maleka Tawes

A pseudo Ezidianism symbol, based on misunderstanding

From the explanation below, I understood that this “Malke Taus design” is not an authentic or traditional Ezdianism symbol. This is a pseudo symbol, based on misunderstanding and Mr. Lauffrey Nabo, a German-Kurdish lecturer, probably designed it in 1990. I asked the following questions on November 09, 2012 by email and on Facebook. Now, thanks […]

Xedr Alias

Celebrate the Kurdish cultural heritage

Ephraim Súryaya, the Xedr Aliás  Plate XI. Bible Discovered 2nd Edition Icon of Ephraim the Súrian (Khudr Elias) Mariam Church, Diyárbaker Abga was the first Christian king in history and Ura-federation was the first state to have a Christian king (probably 202 AD). Súryaya (Súri-iai-ia “adjectival definite article”) is perfect in Kurdish, (sun-, fire-worshiper)”. Súryaya […]

XdrAlyas eo Hinmini

The clan Malek “Melkite, Malkian” and Hinmini language in Béra

Shrine of the dinker (cardinal) Xedr Aliás (Mar Ephraim ca. 306 – 373), also called Xedr Zena means “immortal Xedr”. The shrine is situated in Taxte Hinmini about 10 km southeastern of city of Béra in the Hinmini district where the clan Maĺek are situated. See Melkite, Malkian, Babel (Babylon) is Bible, Plate 29 Shrine […]

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A network of Nazi professors and MIT the Turkish Secret Service

I remember, it was 1998, in a phone conversation with Martin van Bruinessen, he said: “Kurds are liars; they lie, they told me that Abraham was a Kurd, but I could not find any evidence or indication for that; they add the title of Doctor to their names but cannot say when, where and from […]

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Your “Káka” is still sold for a huge sum!

The invaders came from somewhere else, the Persians from India, Arabs from Saudi Arabia, and Turks from western China. With the rise of Islam they have conquered the land of the Kurds and occupied it after each other and entirely destroyed the Kurdish civilization and since then it is still forbidden, a continuous civilization of […]

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Persepolis (Parsa or Takht-e Jamshid), Naqsh-e Rostam, Pasargad(-ae), Tele Bakum are falsely invented names

The periodical terms to specify the development of the human culture in Near East are less precise. It is convenient to call the various phases after the name of the sites that first represented best its old civilization. The well-known Kurdu, Jamdat Nasr, Uruk, Uruk-Warka, Xalaf (Halaf), Ubaid, Eridu, Ur, Susa I, Susa II (Acropolis) or […]

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Why the Kurds should boycott the Arabic, Iranian and Turks languages and the present educational system at all?

Parallel with the violence and terror against the Kurds to occupy the Kurdish motherland by the Arabs, Iranians and Turks since the conquering of the Muslims, the modern established education system has the main role to uproot “genocide” the Kurdish nation virtually and physically from the history. The available information and education sources are hoaxes and the […]

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