It is also your responsibility

The scholars of the ancient Near East studies remain silent and they pretend nothing is wrong in their field.

In 2011, I circulated a testimonial request letter to the experts in the field of ancient Near East, asking if anyone of them wants to read the manuscript Bible Discovered, Bible = Babel (Babylon) and to say something about it. But, no one dared to take the responsibility to do that because of fear of repression.

Meanwhile, the book was published, in a press release announced that in the Bible Discovered, I have demonstrated hundreds of evidences, which make clear that the contemporary accepted interpretations of ancient Near East scriptions are not correct, consequently the scholars have a wrong understanding of the early human civilization, languages, history and the background of the Bible. Though the scholars of the ancient Near East studies remain silent and they pretend nothing is wrong in their field. They go through with the incorrect interpretations, so they are continuing to falsify ancient documents, and mislead public opinion by providing them with wrong information.

Anyway, it is the moral responsibility of the prominent scholars in the field of ancient Near East to break the silence and to help the true succeed in their endeavors.

Hamíit Qliji Bérai

The Hague, May 21, 2012

Published by

Hamiit Qliji Berai

Hamíit Qliji Bérai is Hamid Ghelichi, born on July 26, 1960, in Béra, Ilam province, Eastern Kurdsán. That is the archaeological site Béra.xáni “Béra dukedom” (the Farsi Badreh). Hamíit studied independently multidisciplinary social sciences from 1979-1990, when the universities were closed in Iran for four years from 1979 -1983, because of islamization of the education system. From 1990, he has been of Dutch (Netherlands) nationality, a citizen of The Hague. Since 1994, Hamíit Qliji Bérai has dedicated his whole time to independently researching ancient Near East from the earliest human civilization "ancient Near East archaeology, cultural stratigraphy, language, philosophy, ethnography and the Bible". Hamíit Qliji Bérai is an independent full time researcher who since 1994 continuously researching archaeological sources for early culture, history and ethnography of the mankind in ancient Near East, all over the world in different universities including the University of Leiden Netherlands 1994-2003, the University of Oxford 2004-2005, the University of Cambridge 2006-2007, the University of Chicago 2007-2009, British Museum, London University and the British Library in London 2010-2012. He takes a different approach, a multidisciplinary scientific approach from the perspective Kurdish oral traditions consist of myriad languages, literature, names etc. of the sites where the ancient sources come from. His research has led to an adequate understanding of the ancient sources, which shows the world of the ancient Near East in a completely different way than some know it to be now. Books authored by H Q Bérai: