Kurdish National style of writing

Standard Alphabetical Characters, phonetic alphabet

The present day Kurdish is mainly written in two alphabets. In the areas occupied by Iran, Iraq and Syria the Arabic alphabet is used and in the areas occupied by Turkey, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan the Latin-Turkish alphabet is used. These alphabets are not suitable for the accurate reproduction however of Kurdish phonemes. In the Arabic-Kurdish alphabet the Kurds have tried to reproduce Kurdish phonemes with their own style of writing but without much success. It is impossible to reproduce all the Kurdish sounds with the current Arabic-Kurdish style of writing.

These Turkish and Arabic styles of writing could of course be developed and adapted to the Kurdish language. But, since as I said earlier, using these styles of writing will only lead to the further downfall of Kurdish and will work to the political, economic and cultural advantage of the Iranians, Turks and Arabs invaders. The Kurds must never want this.


The Kurds are the descendants of the discoverers of “nisán, nūsán” (script). Because our nation is occupied we are not yet in a position to adapt one of the ancient Kurdish (Near East) alphabets to use as the modern Kurdish national alphabet. But experts in cuneiform (script) have used symbols to transliterate the countless ancient Kurdish texts into Latin and these are applicable to Kurdish sounds. There are millions of ancient Kurdish scripts, from IIIrd millennium BC onwards, are transliterated in this system of writing. In recognition of their great work I have also chosen that adapted Latin alphabet for the ancient Near East in my work. In this way my analysis and comparison of the ancient Near East to present day Kurdish can be better understood. As a first step towards a united Kurdish nation, I will introduce this Kurdish alphabet and style of writing as the National Kurdish Style of Writing. This style of writing (alphabet and writing system) can be applied and developed better in the future. Continue …